Major Concerts

  4 Concert at Singapore               | Photos |
  4 Show before Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba at Puttaparthi               | Photos |
  4 South Meets North - Carnatic Hindustani Musical Ensemble & Guru Vandanam jan 1, 2011                                  | Photos |

Show titled "ANTA SAI RAMA MAYAM"                                                   | Photos |



  4 Concert Organised by Rasanjali & Cultural Ministry of AP                         | Photos |
  4 Grand Music Concert - Emdaro Mahanu- bhavulu- by Bharata Bharati  |Photos |
    Ragam Mohanam by Sivaprasad & Group jan 1, 2008                              |Photos |  


Mr. Siva Prasad performs complete Classical and devotional concerts with Karnatic and Hindustani styles.

He can sing Folk, Western and film songs also with melodious whistle.

Mr. Siva Prasad has visited several countries across the globe with more than 10,500 captivating performances.

He drew applause with his masterful rendition of songs, either classical or light.

That talent ferried him from concert to concert round the world for well over three decades.





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